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Mario Dimech, Malta

My name is Mario, I am 63- years-old, married with two children. I was 12 when I had my first seizure while I was sleeping. After the second seizure I was taken to a psychiatrist since, at

Kenneth Oakes, USA

Opening my eyes I looked down to see my sweater saturated in blood and vomit. I tried to stand up realizing I was in the back of the studio where I worked at nights by


Michael (29) lives in Glasgow, Scotland. Michael was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 16 after having his first seizure on an aircraft shorty before its departure. At that time, Michael’s seizures involved a

Gillian Stewart, Scotland

Gillian, (31) lives in Glasgow, Scotland. She was diagnosed with temporal lobe epilepsy aged 14 months. Gillian used to have tonic clonic seizures however these changed over time and her seizures no longer involve a

Francesca Sofia, Italy

How did I happen to become an epilepsy advocate? It was an irony of fate. With a PhD in cellular and molecular biology, I began my career as a neuroscientist, tackling the potential implications of a certain

McKinzi Lathern, USA

At 3 weeks of age McKinzi was diagnosed with Encephalitis HSV1-COLD Sores (someone kissed her), epilepsy, severe brain damage, and more to come. Due to the infection she has severe brain damage. She was admitted

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