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McKinzi Lathern, USA

At 3 weeks of age McKinzi was diagnosed with Encephalitis HSV1-COLD Sores (someone kissed her), epilepsy, severe brain damage, and more to come. Due to the infection she has severe brain damage. She was admitted

Maria-Foteini, Cyprus

This is a story of a very special 14-year-old girl from Cyprus, who loves to play and gives hugs to anyone she meets. Her name is Maria-Foteini. She lives in Nicosia with her father Konstantinos

Layla, Scotland

Epilepsy is part of our routine, just like brushing our teeth or getting ready for school, explains Layla’s Mum, Patricia. It does not determine or dictate our days. Luckily for Layla, she has an epilepsy syndrome that she

Laetitia, France

Laetitia had her first seizure at 18 months. Complex partial epilepsy was confirmed when she was 3-years-old. School years were difficult and she was unable to obtain any diploma. Drug resistance meant many medication changes and trials, with

Katrin Löhken, Germany

"I needed courage, strength and self-belief to have achieved so much", says Katrin Löhken, a 34-year-old Doctor of Natural Science. She finished her Doctoral Thesis last year in Research Center, Jülich, Germany (in collaboration Aachen

Emily Hoover, USA

Emily Hoover loves listening to music, riding quads in the desert, volunteering and making the most of each day. She was diagnosed with Generalized Epilepsy with Intractable Epilepsy. However, she doesn't allow her seizures to change

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