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Claudia Medina, Chile

Julián, my son, was diagnosed with epilepsy in 2011, when he was 8-years-old. I remember it like it was yesterday: We were doing a math assignment, but he could not concentrate because he was worried

Katie Cooke, Ireland

Katie Cooke is an 18-year-old girl who suffers with an aggressive and refractory form of epilepsy and she experiences more than ten seizures with loss of consciousness every night and day. How has she become

Claire, Scotland

Clare, now 20, was diagnosed with epilepsy aged 6. She had had an “unusual feeling”and had alerted her sister, Megan, who was able to see changes in Clare’s face. The doctors were unsure what was

Anita Agah, Iran

This is the true story of a young girl who lives in Iran, called Anita, who, at the young age of 11 years decided that her English research project, which she would have to present

Mario Dimech, Malta

My name is Mario, I am 63- years-old, married with two children. I was 12 when I had my first seizure while I was sleeping. After the second seizure I was taken to a psychiatrist since, at

Kenneth Oakes, USA

Opening my eyes I looked down to see my sweater saturated in blood and vomit. I tried to stand up realizing I was in the back of the studio where I worked at nights by

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